In progress:

The SAS shoot

Truth bomb laden presentation by a trio of SAS guys in Cavan. Coming soon!

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The front yard

a portfolio of projects, software & widgets delivered over the years

The beautiful mix of business and pleasure. Contributions across API, DB, UI, UX & architecture.

That recent thing:


'80s nostalgia, VFX exploration, an inability to dance and the effort of adding substance to a terrible pun. What could possibly go wrong?

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The back yard

(some of) the inexplicable things I do for fun

Blends of Pi, photography, pyrotechnics, aviation & things you do with your fingers.

The junk yard

projects & experiments in various states of completion

Sketches & concepts, exploration & variations, rough & fine. The birthing of success & failure.

The graveyard

websites of the living dead...

The only constant is change. But some things are worth remembering as they once were. Living snapshots of projects past.


Hey there! Remember that time we did that thing that involved stuff?

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