Aliens sentry gun CRT

Ever wake up in the morning wanting to recreate a retro movie UI with just HTML, CSS and a dash of JS?

Features zero bitmaps / SVGs, a funky CRT raster effect and is faithful to the movie.

The documentaries...

We're presently shooting some documentaries across a number of subject matters.

But perhaps I've said too much...


Do you know what this is? It's the world's smallest violin playing just for the waitresses.

- Mr.Pink, Reservoir Dogs (1992)

... because someone had to do it. Due the PWA treatment soon.


Ever try browse the modern web on a vintage computer?

Spoiler alert, it ain't fun!

The push towards SSL everywhere and accompanying cipher changes have pretty much made that impossible without a helping hand in the middle.

Introducing Leg-a-see, a node.js based proxy. The underlying premise goes:

  • Feed leg-a-see a URL to a modern website over ye'olde HTTP
  • Hold breath while a HTML image map based on the modern websites mobile view is generated, optimised and slowly poured to screen
  • Marvel at how much the web has regressed since you last used your awesome vintage computer.

To the fallen...

A short vid in remembrance of the fall of the innovation team. 😢


Ever have that team building exercise at your place of employment which involved competing teams singing made-up songs vaguely thematically related to the vertical the business serves?

Did you cringe?

Yeah. But every once and a while you'll see a group who seem to have "it", and that it sparks an idea.

Said event occurred while working with a fintech unicorn in the KYC space. Lots of talent on display, but I couldn't help but feel a golden opportunity had been missed. Spike time!

We're in the KYC space. K-Y-C. Kay why see. KAAAAYYYY WHHHHHHYYYYY SEEEEEEEE ...

Yeah. Prepare for a whole new level of cringe 😳


Hey there! Remember that time we did that thing that involved stuff?

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